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Do I need a consultant?

  • The simple answer? No, you do not need a consultant to get your child to college athletics or a junior team. But, like any other profession, getting help from qualified individuals who are experts in a specific are helps remove stress, avoids poor decisions and ensure your family stays within budget.

Do you focus on all kinds of players?

  • Yes. At TSA, we have experience in placing atheletes at every junior league and college level in North America. 

Can you help everyone?

  • Not always.  Unlike most companies, we make sure that we can help the student athlete before moving forward in working together.  Prior to coming onboard with us, a TSA Consultant will scout each player and interview them with their family.  This selectivity has led us to proudly place 100 percent of our clients into a junior league or college level program.

What are the NCAA guidelines on working with advisors?

  • Prospective student athletes are allowed to have advisors within the governing body of the NCAA. Follow this link to learn more about eligibility: 

  • Prospective student athletes and their families are permitted to have advisors that offer guidance and advice. The advisor is not allowed to market his or her clients hockey abilities or negotiate with a professional team on behalf of his client.

  • Prospect student athletes must compensate an advisor for services provided.

  • Prospective student athletes are not permitted to accept benefits from advisors, such as money, meals, clothing, hockey equipment or other items of value.

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