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Our foundation is built on trust and by demonstrating hard work, communication and a strategic game plan specific to each student athlete using our triangle approach outlined below; we hope to gain yours.  We know that each student athlete is different and that this is an exciting time - that is why your specific game plan will only be executed once the entire family understands it and is ready to move forward. Are you ready to achieve your academic and athletic goals?


Our academic staff ensures your student athlete has the tools to stay on the right path in school.

We offer:

  • Help determine what setting is best.

  • Help navigate through financial packages.

  • Provide support with college and pre school applications.

  • Help prepare for interviews.


TSA provides a detailed game plan for your child's growth as a player.  As a client, they have access to our strength and conditioning coaches as well as our development coaches for guidance. 


As a consultant, we will also watch your child live, at games as well as on film. We will provide scouting reports, breakdown film and serve as a coach away from your team's coach. 


At TSA, we don't just place your student athlete anywhere; we take time to figure the best path with the whole family.


At TSA, we will only place them in the best situation where they will thrive and progress in their academic and atheletic career. 

With this support, there's no way your player falls behind.

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